Benjamin Dauton


2013 → now

Role: UX & UI designer, frontend developer.

Project: Tuleap is an open-source web based collaborative software platform for both developing and sharing computer applications. It makes software projects more productive, collaborative and industrialized. Tuleap is used by fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups and public organizations.

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Execution: I've been working on Tuleap for more than two years now and there is still a huge work to do.
As the lead designer, I work with product owners and customers on the upcoming features. I also help the development team on the frontend part of the development.
Alongside the traditional release cycle, I'm working on the Tuleap UX & UI roadmap: new UI guidelines, user onboarding…

Technical info: All the design part is done with Sketch. I mainly work on the CSS, Javascript (including AngularJS) parts of the source code.

Tuleap Logo

(I didn't design the logo)

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