Benjamin Dauton


2014 → now

Role: UX & UI designer, frontend & backend developer.

Project: A good musician is a lifelong learner, but we don't all have 2 hours a day to learn guitar riffs. Rifflicks helps you to learn new things in 30 seconds without having to skip long talks.

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Execution: Rifflicks is my current side project. I'm a guitar player and spend a huge part of my spare time learning new stuff. I had the idea in 2014 when I was watching guitar tutorial videos on YouTube and was bored having to skip all the "Hey, I'm a guitar player and I will teach you how to blah blah…".
It took me four months to design and code the first version of the website. I have iterated through several versions where I redesigned some parts of the website: the homepage, the video sharing workflow, the video page etc.

Technical info: I designed the website using Sketch. The code part has been done from scratch using AngularJS for the frontend side, relying on my own designed API for the backend side.

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