Benjamin Dauton



Role: UX & UI designer.

Project: Glean is an iOS and Windows Phone game released in 2013 by Loon Apps. You have to draw a path with your finger from the starting point and try to collect all the objects spread in the 160 colorful mazes accross 8 different worlds.

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Execution: The initial idea was to design a really simple game.
I started to design the “in game” screen based on a working prototype. This first step helped me to defined the global atmosphere of the game. Then, I designed others screen following this simple style.
I finished the design part with the iOS icon. I decided to include the four aspects of the game: a starting point, a move, the objects to catch and a wall.

Technical info: I've done the design using Sketch.

Glean Icon
Glean Main
Glean Levels
Glean Game Stars
Glean Game Clouds
Glean Game Hearts
Glean Credits